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Please note that, in order to keep ExpAds exclusive, we have the right to refuse ads which are not in line with our regulations. Company listings should have added value for our target group; expats and should be in English.

ExpAds as a platform
ExpAds serves as a platform where everyone, besides offering services or surplus gear, can browse among offerings. ExpAds is NOT involved in the actual transactions between buyers and sellers. For this reason, ExpAds doesn’t monitor the quality, safety or legality of items advertised, the accuracy of the listings, the ability of advertisers to sell objects and ability of buyers to buy items. Our services are only accessible to persons under Malay and Singaporean law to conclude legally binding agreements. Notwithstanding the foregoing, our services are accessible to minors only if authorized by their legal representative or if it concerns an act which is common in society that a child of this age that independently performed.

ExpAds tries to connect advertisers and buyers. ExpAds is never party to a contract concluded between seller and buyer through by the use of the site. If you have a dispute with one or more users, you have to be solve this yourselves. You indemnify ExpAds (and all its staff, managers and agents) from any claims, claims for damages and such, connected with such disputes.

References to websites or third party services
The site contains references (eg through a hyperlink, banner or button) to third party websites. ExpAds has no control or influence over the content and policies of these websites. Visiting these sites you are subject to the (privacy) rules of that particular website.

If you use the services of external service providers, such as PayPal, then, your use is covered by the (privacy) rules of the relevant service provider. ExpAds has no control or influence on the services and policies of these service providers.

Placing Ads – General rules

  • You must provide a description in the ad title and ad text of the product that you offer. You may only place advertisements in English.
  • Please place your ad in a category. Make a separate ad for each product and place it in the best-matching category.
  • Placing the same (free) similar ads is not allowed.  These can be removed without notice.
  • Sold the product listed? Please remove your ad from ExpAds.
  • It is not allowed to place ads on ExpAds other than specified by our guidelines for ads.
  • It is not allowed to use a URL (or part of an URL) as advertiser name.
  • It is not allowed to use pictures in an ad that don’t relate to the product offered.
  • Your ad will remain at least 15 days on ExpAds, subject to the applicable (payment) conditions.
  • If you have listed a paid ad, which do not meet the regulations, the ad will be removed and there will be no refund of the advertising fee.

Intellectual property

  • Offering or placing photos subject to copyright or portrait rights of others is not allowed.
  • Text(s) and/or photographs of any third party should not be used without permission of the owner.
  • It is not allowed to use protected names or logos of companies in your ad, other than the name of the company that produced the product offered.
  • It is not allowed to include a disclaimer regarding the authenticity or legality of the object that you offer. Advertisers need make sure that their items are authentic before placing them on ExpAds. If you are not sure about the authenticity of an object, don’t advertise it on ExpAds.
  • You may however mention the brand names which are compatible to the offered product in the ad description if necessary.

Equations and misleading texts

  • The title of your ad may not be misleading. Misleading titles are all titles that do not describe the item you are offering in a proper manner.
  • It is not allowed to mention brand name in the title, other than the brand name of the product you are advertising.
  • It is not permitted to make comparisons between objects in the title of your ad. For example, the title “Bentley for the price of a mid-size Proton” not allowed on ExpAds because it makes a comparison between the item you are offering, a Bentley, and a Proton.
  • Only in the item description you are allowed to compare the product you are offering with other similar products. But there may not be any confusion about the origin of the product.

Unauthorised information in ads

  • Advertisements for objects that are prohibited by law or according to the ExpAds guidelines are not allowed. For more information check the list of banned and suspicious objects
  • It is prohibited to place an free advertisement with the sole purpose of directly or indirectly promoting a business
  • It is not allowed to mention company details in a free listing which contains a specific product
  • It is not allowed to place an advertisement which refers to a website:
    - which are partly or solely filled with links to advertising sites or advertisements, whether or not with the specific goal of generating ad revenue by generating clicks.
    - demonstrating that the product described in the ad is not offered or not offered by yourself.

Prohibited or suspicious objects and services
ExpAds acts like a platform bringing together buyers and sellers. Purchase and sales transactions are taking place outside of the website and ExpAds is not involved in any way. The (re) sales of goods and services on ExpAds is allowed provided the trade in them is not prohibited by (inter) national laws and regulations and provided they are not on our list of prohibited items and services.

For your convenience, we created a list of prohibited or suspicious goods and services. Please note this is a guideline! You need to check whether a product and/or service may be listed for (re)selling. As a user of ExpAds, you are the one ultimately responsible to determine whether the offer, sale and purchase of certain goods or services are permitted by law. View the list of prohibited or suspicious objects.

List of prohibited and suspect objects and services
• Shares, securities and other securities
• Offensive material
• Alcohol
• Protected animals, animal products and plants
• Cultural heritage
• Faulty and/or products that are withdrawn from a market by its supplier
• Animals
• Drugs
• Properties belonging to the government
• Prohibited electronic devices
• Explosive objects, hazardous substances and other hazardous materials
• Financial products and services (savings, loans, investment and insurance)
• Front covers of car radios and/or navigation systems
• Medicines
• Stolen goods
• Illegal objects and activities
• win games and pyramid schemes
• Identity cards and licenses from the government
• Food
• Medical devices
• People, body parts – and substances
• Mod chips, game consoles and game software
• Objects that infringe on the intellectual property of others
• Pornographic and erotic contents
• Software
• Tobacco
• Tickets and agreements
• Counterfeit currency and stamps
• Mailing lists and personal information
• Virtual Games
• Weapons, knives and related items

Violation of the Terms of Use and/or the Policy of ExpAds
ExpAds reserves the right to exclude from any further use of the site if you are in any way the opinion of ExpAds in breach of the Terms of Use or the Policy of ExpAds, notwithstanding the right of ExpAds to pursue legal action against an user or to claim a compensation. ExpAds may take – but not exclusively – one or more of the following actions (with or without notice):

  • removal of ad (s) without refund of the advertising rate
  • suspension of the account
  • limiting functionality
  • providing (personal) data to certain third parties (such as police, justice and/or rights holders), as explained in our Privacy Policy.

Examples of violations of the Terms of Use and/or the Policy are:

  • advertisements where no specific product or service is offered
  • advertisements that are placed in the wrong category
  • (free) ads placed listed twice
  • (paid) ads that do not meet the applicable payment terms
  • ads which offers prohibited or suspicious objects and/or services
  • advertisements that infringe on (intellectual property) rights of third parties
  • users that approach advertisers to market their own products and/or services (spam) and/or send a large number of messages in a short time to an advertisers via the ExpAds website
  • users whose actions lead to complaints from other users
  • users of whom we have a strong indication that they act in conflicts with our Terms of Use and/or the Privacy Policy.

For safety reasons and to protect our users ExpAds may also limit its functionality (for example disabling the possibility placing or responding to ads from certain locations outside of Malaysia/Singapore).

For any questions or comments please contact us via our contact form.