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Expat Garage Sale

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Expat Garage Sale

As I am moving into a smaller place, I am selling some furniture and other interior decoration items.They are in great condition. They will be perfect for furnishing expat homes or for decorating your property to attract more tenants. Don’t miss this great opportunity to get good quality second hand items at affordable prices.

Only a few items are left. 

1. Full leather black color modern Cellini brand chairs (Sold out)

- Size: 64cm x 80cm x 75cm(height)
- Price: RM 900 for two chairs

2.  A set of wooden arm chairs
- Hardly used. Almost brand new with tag attached
- Size: 70cm x 55xm x 82cm(h)
- Price: RM1,200 for two chairs
3. Bar stool (One one piece left)
- Size: 40cm x 40cm x 65cm (height adjustable)
- Price: RM 80 per each stool
- No. of stock: 3 1

4. Shoe rack or CD rack
- Size: 96cmx 36cm x120cm(height)
- Custom-made for shoe rack, but have been using it for CD rack all the time.
- price:RM150

5. Red color Fengsui Rug (Sold out)
- Perfect for focal point decoration 
- Size: 70cm x 136cm
- Price:RM50

6. Large Oil painting (Red rose) (Sold out)
- Size: 120cm x 90cm
- Price: RM30

7. Oil painting-Flowers (Sold out)
- Good for decorating inviting entrance with bright mood
- Size: 60cmx 90cm (h)
- Pirce: RM20

8. Abstract picture frame
- Size: 45cm x 55.5cm(h)
- Pirce: RM20

9. Assorted Frames (black and white) (Sold out)
- Brand new (never used before)
- Size:28cm x 28cm
- Price:RM 10 per piece
- No. of stock:4 pieces


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