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7 heavenly acres, Mantin, Negeri Sembilan, FOR SALE

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7 heavenly acres, Mantin, Negeri Sembilan, FOR SALE


7 heavenly acres……You Dont Need To Be JR Ewing To Own This FREEHOLD ‘Southfork’ In Mantin, Negeri Sembilan……..

 This land may not me in Dallas
nor the bungalow, Southfork.
Forget about seeing JR in his
10-gallon hat riding his stallion
or Bobby in his trunks at the pool.

Anytime better than Dallas,
this is Mantin and much more
homely than Southfork, this
is Staffield Villa with all the
comforts of a home-sweet-home.

Situated in a spread of 7 heavenly
acres, it is cozily nestled between
Staffield Country club and Kolej
Tuanku Jaafar in the north and
booming Mantin town in the south.

Running alongside it is the old
trunk-road, soon to be replaced
with a super dual-carriageway
creating a commercial corridor
linking Kajang-Semenyih-Mantin-
Seremban, thus projecting the
property’s worth to RM25m
in 5 year’s time.

7 heavenly acres. Currently utilised as mini orchard with langsat, durian, rambutan, jackfruit….

Structures on land include one main bungalow. Single-storey furnished, 5400 sf bu. 2 rooms/3 baths with separate guest-quarters within the compound with 2 rooms/2 baths.

1 separate guest house, 2 rooms/2 baths/storeroom, workers quarters, livestock shelters/canine kennels. Ideal for dog/goat/cow/fish and other livestock breeding.

Air-conditioned, piped-water/electricity.

 Area completely fenced-up.

Surrounded by neighboring Lagenda College, Kolej Tuanku Jaafar, golf-course, fast-developing Mantin town and proposed dual carriageway.

Easy access to Sepang, KLIA, LCCT, F1 track, Mantin town, Semenyih, Seremban with close proximity to the legendary Port Dickson.

Selling RM19m

Projected value in 10 years, RM27m.

see this link for more details….


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